Boat Lifts

Make It Easier To Clean And Care For Boat With The Installation Of A Boat Lift

Want to keep your boat out of the water? A boat lift can save you the cost of bottom painting, haul cleaning, trailoring your boat or even marina storage cost. Whether you have a kayak or a yacht, Lyfe Marine will install a quality boat lift solution to keep your vessel safe and secure at the best price.
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Lift Types

6500lbsLIft-Float air


Electric cable boat lifts can be installed as basic 4 pole cable lifts that sit inside the boat lift, or can be attached adjacent to it. Additionally, if you have a fixed roof you can suspend it inside from the boat dock roof.

Electric lifts do not require much water depth and are recommended for slips that have low water conditions. Depending on the size of the engine and your boat, cable boat lifts run on 110v to 220v.

Floating Boat lift


A pneumatic boat lift is also known as a floating boat lift. It is the only type of boat lift that can be attached to floating boat docks. Pneumatic boat lifts sink into the water and need at least 5.5-6’ of water depth in order to operate.

They run on 120v and are easy to operate from a simple dock mounted switch. For both options you will require electricity to run to your boat dock. Wow Marine can easily install this for you if not already part of your boat dock.

Float air boat lift

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