Dock Repairs

We Extend Lifes Of Docks, Ramps, And Piers

Just like how a car has to be serviced once a year or after 12,000 miles, docks need regular repairs and maintenance. Being exposed to harsh outdoor conditions 24/7 can cause serious damage to a boat dock. Sun, rain, wind and even temperature changes can age and degrade the materials.
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Lyfe Marine will assess your dock and give you our expert opinion as to the best course of action for your dock. Sometimes the best value for your money is actually building a new dock, rather than spending time and money on multiple repairs throughout the years, only to have an unsafe dock.


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We take care of many dock repairs, as well as general dock maintenance.
  • Decking Repairs
  • Ramp Repairs
  • Pilling Repairs
  • Floatation Repairs
  • Boat Dock Frame Repairs
  • Storm Damage Repairs
  • Power Washes
  • Tightening Screws, Bolts & Nails
  • Removing Cobwebs, Nests & Other Critter Habitats
  • Multi-Point Inspections
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We are experienced with Seawalls as well!