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Quality Built Custom Floating Docks Tailored To Your Homesite

Floating boat docks are popular with lakefront homeowners due to the fact that they rise and fall with water levels, allowing you to get in and out of your boat with ease. Floating docks also accommodate a wide range of boat lifts, can be made of wood or steel, can be built with or without a roof, and easily allow for the addition of floating PWC lifts (jet ski ramps).
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Have a vision already for what you’d like your dock to look like? We can make your dream a reality!

Many clients we work with have a vision in their head of what they want their dock to look like. We will work with you to bring your floating dock plans to life.

Alternatively, we can present you with a number of fantastic and unique custom dock designs. Every Lyfe Marine floating dock is built to rigorous standards.

Our floating boat docks are built for long term durability against extreme lake fluctuations, wave action and weather events.


Visit our design center and view all of the samples: Fiberon and Trex composites, Wooden, PVC’s, IPE and more...

Floating dock decking can be made of wood or composite materials. Important considerations for dock owners are how you will use your dock, how much maintenance are you willing to do yourself or hire out, and how long you expect your decking to last. While money will also be a factor, most boat dock builders will explain to you that the money you spend initially on the materials to build your dock, are usually recouped through lack of ongoing repairs and maintenance costs.

Currently, 80% of new and refurbished boat dock decks we are building on Lake Norman and Lake Wylie are choosing to use composite core materials with extended PVC (such as TREX or Wolf), or fully PVC materials (such as Wolf’s or Endeck’s Line of all PVC).

Materials & Accessories

Materials are the foundation of a quality dock. Lyfe Marine continuously researches new products and offers an array of material and accessory choices.

We do not cut corners. We only used the highest quality materials . We use #1 treated lumber, galvanized through-bolts, screws in lieu of nails and marine grade materials where appropriate.

Floating boat docks also allow for a number of accessories to accentuate your dock design. These include, but are not limited to, dock boxes, lights, boat lifts , and PWC lifts.

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