PWC Lifts

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These days, personal watercrafts (PWCs) are as common as boats for lakeside property owners, and most boat docks are not complete without a PWC lift. When it comes to the lift you have two choices.
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PWC Lift Types

Electric PWC Lifts

These lifts are great for rough waters as they completely lift the PWC out of the water. Electric lifts are mounted on the side of the fixed pier or to a piling adjacent to the fixed pier. Also named, “Swinger Lifts” because once it’s removed from the water, the unit will swing over towards the dock so the passenger can get on/off.

Floating PWC Lifts

This popular lift is a less expensive unit than its electric counterpart as well as does not require the running of electric cords. The floating lift attaches to the side wale board of a floating dock and passengers dive of and on of their PWC.

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