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Rip Rap & Seawalls

Lyfe Marine builds and repairs lakefront seawalls on private and commercial property.

Protecting your shoreline is a priority to maintain property value and minimize erosion. If you’re losing your shoreline, you are losing property, which means you are losing precious waterfront. The main reason why erosion should be avoided is to preserve your shoreline; once you lose part of your shoreline, you will not be able to get it back. A quality constructed seawall by Lyfe Marine will give you peace of mind and guarantee you are protecting your investment.
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Rip Rap

Rip Rap shoreline stabilization is the most common form of shoreline stabilization.

Class “B” Rip Rap is cost effective and the most efficient in preserving local ecosystems while protecting your shoreline. Duke Energy Lake Services prefers this type of shoreline stabilization, making it an easy choice for homeowners on Lake Norman, Mountain Island Lake and Davidson Lake.
Rip rap is an affordable option to armor and protect your shoreline. The majority of installations are done by land after an analysis of your waterfront has been conducted by our experienced marine specialists. Lyfe Marine takes extra measures by using geo-tech fabric under the rock to minimize shifting and movement. Ask us about anti-muskrat protection as well!

Vertical Wall

Vertical Seawalls are created perpendicular to the water.

Wooden vertical seawalls are a great option if your property is sloped or exposed to rougher water action on the lake. A quality built vertical wall will withstand storms and deflect waves, while at the same time, adding a pleasing aesthetic to your waterfront. Lyfe Marine is experienced with clean, simple walls, as well as, designer options to coordinate with your dock and/or your residence.

Does Your Seawall need a repair?

Lyfe Marine builds and repairs lakefront seawalls on private and commercial property.

Our dedicated service technicians are on call for seawall repairs and maintenance. Whether your seawall needs a minor repair or a complete overhaul, we will guide you through your options. A repair can be as simple as filling in Rip Rap rock as needed or as extensive as rebuilding a wooden wall that has been compromised by weather and age. Lyfe Marine will provide you with the best option and a detailed quote for your repair.

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